What is flash fiction?

Flash fiction is a story told in very few words. A brief glimpse of something memorable or meaningful. It might be 100 words, or 300; anything, in fact, under 1000 words can fall into the category of flash fiction.

How can you make yours compelling and memorable?

  • Write about something you really, really want to communicate, for example, the futility of war; unrequited love; how a homeless person feels.

  • Start well into the story. Make the reader imagine what has gone before. Get straight to the heart of the matter.

  • Give your reader an ending they’ll remember. Make them say, ‘Wow,’ or make them pause in silence. Make them want to read your piece again.

A prestigious prize for a story of 300 words is the Fish Flash Fiction Prize

Summary Fish Flash Fiction Prize
Judge: Nuala O’Connor Closing: 28 Feb 2016 Results: 10 April 2016 Anthology published: July 2016 Max length: 300 words
Prizes Flash Fiction Prize
Ten stories will be published in the 2016 Fish Anthology.
First – €1,000
Second – online writing course with Fish
The ten published authors will each receive five copies of the Anthology and will be invited to read at the launch during the West Cork Literary Festival in July ’16.



FROG: (cheekily)

FISH FLASH, you said.

Is there a FROG FLASH too?

(I know. The photograph is not related to Frog’s remark in any way!)





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