Dan wants to write a story.

He’s not at all sure where to start. It’s as if he’s standing at the bus station, and there are so many intriguing destinations, but he can’t focus his attention long enough to buy a ticket and ride.


Choose a competition to enter, such as

The 2017 WoW! One thousand word story competition 

The nice thing for beginners is that the competition judges here will accept stories between 950 and 1050 words long.

The prizes are attractive.

First Prize – £200  Second Prize – £100  Third Prize – £50

The entrance fee is reasonable: £5

Closing date: 30th June

Now there’s the question of writing the story. Feel as if you’re about to face the impossibility of setting sail on a bus? Read on.

  • Create a character.

    Observe people on the tube, the bus, the ferry, at work, at church, at your exercise class. Anywhere and everywhere. Choose one. Change their name and appearance so that they are completely unrecognisable.

  • Give your character a problem.

    For example, someone from your character’s past calls at their door  – for revenge? For forgiveness? Seeking help? Is this person genuine? Or simply after their recent lottery win?

  • Brainstorm how you could solve the problem.

  • Begin the story as far into the plot as you dare….

…….and then just keep on writing.


Frog: (whispering)

Little guy hiding from BIG GUY. And then……

Just trying out an idea, that’s all.