Last month I wrote boldly about taking up the gauntlet, and I challenged myself to write a tercet. I photofunia-cp-gallery-picadmit it was hard, and I promise the first draft will never ever see daylight again! I took the advice of Alison Chisholm, though. In her publication called ‘The Poet’s Workbook’, she says:

‘It’s always good idea to rest your draft before beginning the revision process. If you can allow a week or two before looking at it again you will …….. be able to view it with a more critical eye.’

Well, it did take a week or two before I could bear to look at it again. But when I did, I was just about ready to face it. And I think I did manage to improve it, a bit. I want to work on it again, though.

Alison’s advice is very good for creative writers of every kind. That’s why, if you’re going to enter a competition, it’s worth starting early. Then you’ve got plenty of time to put it away, take it out later, and if necessary, revise, revise, revise.


My next challenge is to write a feel-good list poem.

Wish me luck!



Try these:

Lancashire Author’s Association Flash Fiction Competition

A story in exactly 100 words

Prize: £100

Entry fee £3/£2 members

Closing date 31 Oct

Go to the open competition page

McKitterick Prize

For the first novel by a writer over 40

Prize: £4000

Free entry

Closing date: 31 Oct

Women in Comedy Festival Comp

For everyone, not just women!

Three minute comedy sketches or monologues; short stories up to 1000 words

Prizes: £50 in each category

Entry Fee: £3, £2 in each subsequent category

Closing date: 14 Oct

Cannon Poets Sonnet or not

For 14-line poems that in some way reflect the sonnet form, or not

Prizes: £450; £200; £100

Entry fee: £4, subsequent entries £2.50

Closing date 31 Oct