Choose your own path

Write what you like to read

Have you heard about Alfie Dog Fiction?

It’s a website where you can download short stories. Most can be purchased from 39p each, but there are some freeP1140343 ones too. Definitely worth a look, because if you write short stories, it’s important to read them, too.


Alfie Dog lists the following categories of short story:

Animal, children’s, Christmas, commercial fiction (sub-divided into ‘feel good’ and ‘romance’) crime, fairytale, fantasy, general fiction (sub-divided into action/adventure, Christian, historical, literary, westerns), ghost, horror, humour, mystery, science fiction, teen/young adult, thrillers.

P1140409So, take your pick.


Dip into different genres. Reading short stories can be very energising and inspiring. So this month I’m challenging you to write a story that you would like to read. As long or as short as you like.

Then come back next month for some editing tips.


Frog: (mournfully)

Alfie Dog, I have a question.

Why isn’t there a category about frogs?

Alfie Dog Fiction can be found at