The Last Bear


Imagine an island hundreds of miles off Norway. Windswept, remote and lonely. Always cold, even in summer. There’s a small weather station and a tiny dwelling.

This is where April and her father live for six months.

Some children would hate it. No-one to play with. A dad who loses himself in his work because he’s still grieving after the death of his wife, several years ago. April remembers the time with her mother as ‘a lovely summer holiday she’d once been on.’ In one way, the book is about April’s relationship with her father, but the main plot shows her as a loner, resourceful and brave, and just the right person to help the last polar bear, stranded on the island.

This is a lovely story, in many ways pure fantasy, but with a message that inspires each of us to do whatever we can to reduce climate change and the loss of habitats. It’s illustrated beautifully by Levi Pinfold (though as a boring adult, I wished she had a nice warm hat — Hannah’s description of the wind and weather were chillingly accurate).

This book would make a brilliant gift for anyone aged 8 upwards.

Click the link to find out more about The Last Bear and its talented debut author Hannah Gold 

Frog: The last frog would be an excellent subject for a book. You could put my picture on the front if you like.