Matters arising


Write with conviction and passion about the things that matter to you.849V

A free Future Learn Course called Start Writing Fiction recommends that you list all the things that matter to you.

Maybe one of the things is…

I want my children to tell me the truth, always, no matter what.

From this one concept you can develop a number of plots, such as…

One lie leads to another

I wish you had never told me that…

The day telling the truth was the wrong thing to do…

            ‘You like him, don’t you Mum?’

            ‘Of course I do.’


Let’s say that a peaceful workplace matters to you. You can’t bear bickering or bitchiness.

IDEA: You might start with two people who can’t stand each other.

PLOT: Something happens where they are forced to work together, and this changes them both in some way. Or maybe just one of them is changed.

Let’s say your children’s safety matters to you.

IDEA: You might start by imagining a setting.

PLOT: A beach can bring back all sorts of happy holiday memories, but can also inspire stories of a child wandering off, or a midnight swim that went wrong, or….. over to you!

Your plot is a development of your idea.

Ideas can be found in the things that matter most to you.

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No, we are not lolling about and having what you so rudely called a natter.

We’re discussing important ideas, and developing a plot.