Just write

Talking with fellow-writers is good. It helps you appreciate that writing is hard work. It helps you realise that other people have an inner critic not too different from yours – a persistent little ratbag that tells you what you’re writing is substandard, your efforts are laughable, and you’re wasting your time.

Do it anyway. Just write.

Gazing into the fire, or staring out of the window… they’re both good. Maybe they give the brain time to come up with a sizzler of a word… or simply allow you a few minutes to watch the world go by. Creativity is a gift that can grow in such moments. Imagination is not a static thing. It develops and grows.

Staying positive is good. I sometimes wish I could do this living business all over again. I’d understand people so much better. I’d be kinder, to others and to myself. But it’s no good looking back, is it? You can’t change the past.

All you have is your future. So… writers…

Do it anyway. Just write.



Frog: (Nodding)         

I was perfectly happy until the imagination conjured a spectacularly large and hungry heron.