Bank Holiday Monday is a traditional time for a break from routine, a day out, doing something unusual perhaps, or heading for the nearest park or beach.P1170698

An ideal day to carry your notebook and jot down a few observations.


P1170704Why not try a bit of flash writing when you get home?



Contributing to Trip Advisor can

  • help you write concisely and imaginatively, (but not fictitiously, in this case)

  • make you more aware of choosing the right word

  • make you think about detail

  • give you a focus for developing as idea for a story later on

Never tried Trip Advisor?

Put Trip Advisor in your search engine.

Go to Trip Advisor reviews, then to Write a review.

Next select City or destination. You might type Devon, for example. Choices will pop up. Select the most appropriate one.

Now type in the box marked Hotels, restaurants, attractions. For example, Coleton Fishacre. P1170724This should then pop up, and you’ll find a place to rate this, a few questions to answer, and the opportunity to describe your trip or experience.

If your chosen attraction doesn’t seem to be there, try rewording it, or find the section for adding something new.

P1170684You can also upload helpful photographs to the site.

You have to certify that your review is based on a genuine travel experience by selecting the check box, then press the Submit your review button!

If in doubt, Google How do I write a review-TripAdvisor?

Your views can help other travellers, holiday-makers, and day-trippers to choose their destinations.


FROG: (just a little bit grumbly) P1210470

I asked for a magic carpet ride. Use your imagination, they said.