Katya: I’ve never ever heard anything so mad. You, write a blog? Don’t make me laugh.

Danica: Don’t mock, Kat. Now I’ve published my book, I have to get my name out there.

Katya: Out where?

Danica: In the world, of course.

Katya: OK, so what’s this here blog going to be about?

Danica: Not sure yet. I’ve looked for ideas online. I found a good site that gives suggestions.

Katya: Really? You mean there’s that kind of stuff out there? How much is it?

Danica: It’s free. Yes really. Take a look.

She taps her phone. Gets up 


Katya: That’s something that is. Anything grab you?

Danica: Reads text. ‘What would you say to a younger version of yourself?’ I like that.

Katya:  A younger version of myself? Actually I’d say, ‘Yes please.’ She sighs.

Danica: Stoppit! How about, ‘What helpful books have you read recently?’

Katya: I like that, Dan. You read one about writing romantic fiction, didn’t you? When you were editing your novel.

Danica: Yes, and I wished I’d read it before I started.

Katya: There you are then.

Danica: There’s another page I liked, er, hang on… look, here it is. She taps her phone. Gets up


Actually, half of me can’t wait to get started and the other half’s scared stiff.

Katya: Seems to me, it’s all very well, Dan, being enthusiastic. But, won’t it be time wasted? Castles in the air, and all that? What if no-one reads it?

Danica: You’ll read it, won’t you?

Katya: If I ‘ave to!

Danica: Cheeky beggar!

Katya: I don’t want to be depressing, but you haven’t sold many books yet, have you? Shouldn’t you wait until…

Danica: What? Until I’m famous? It’ll be too late then, Kat. Besides, I like writing, don’t I? And even if you and my mum are the only ones to read my stuff, well, it’s all good practice, isn’t it?

Katya: What are you going to blog about then? I’m not reading it if it’s boring.

Danica: It’s so refreshing to have such a supportive friend! Actually, it’s always your honesty that I appreciate. I’ll need a theme of some kind.

Katya: You mean like, sand art, or keeping gerbils.

Danica: I’m not exactly an expert in those fields, Kat. In fact, thinking about it, I’m not an expert at anything.

Katya: Oh, sorry, Dan. I didn’t mean to put a damper on it. Look, you can write a blog without being an expert. You take brilliant photos. You can use some of those to make your blog more, I don’t know, more inviting.

Danica: Not convinced. Yeah. I’ve thought about doing one on my favourite books. What do you think?

Katya: Sounds good to me. But before you go ahead, I’ll make us a coffee, you get those websites on-screen again, and we’ll do a bit of blue-sky thinking! You never know, you might even convince me to start a blog of my own.

Frog: (Excitedly) 

Frog Blog. What a title, eh? The little froglets will be hopping over each other in their excitement to read it. It’ll spark a lot of conversation, I know it will. (He glares) What do you mean, ‘Rhubarb, rhubarb!’