Rubber balls and marbles…….

…….. Quick! Grab a pen.

Inspiration seem to come at the strangest of times, but never ever when you’re sitting in front of a blank screen. Unless you’re exceptionally lucky or remarkably gifted perhaps.

So, one day it happens.    5b

Ideas rain down like rubber balls from the sky.  But what if it’s the middle of the night? Or you’re having coffee with a friend in your favourite café? Or sitting on the bus?

It’s so easy to think you’ll remember all your ideas. You rely on your memory. And back at the computer, you find your brainchildren have bounced away like marbles down a drain.

Carry a notebook and a pen.

Everywhere. Jot down your ideas, or just a few key words to help you focus later.

Ideas are the gold-dust of writing.

Don’t let them slip like sand through your fingers.


Frog: (defensively)

No, I am not losing my marbles. I am simply demonstrating an idea.