Character building is a bit like Lego……

……………one brick at a time


In order to develop a sense of character, it’s a good idea to have him/her doing something.

Don’t tell me Ernie is depressed. Have him do something that makes me know how he’s feeling. Perhaps a child runs along the street and knocks into him. How does he react? What thoughts go through his head? Does he feel his old light-hearted self has gone, perhaps forever?

To develop Ernie’s character further, you need to give him a problem of some kind. Is somebody he loves in trouble, or desperately ill? Is his teenage son going completely off the rails? Is he worried that he can’t pay for that expensive holiday he’s promised his wife?

Try developing a character of your own. Think about him/her while you’re peeling potatoes, riding on the underground, weeding the garden. Anywhere where you can grab a few minutes to yourself. 03.23b


Brainstorm your ideas. Pick the one that appeals most. Write a short paragraph showing what he/she is like while they are doing something.

News about a FREE Open University course called Start Writing Fiction.

This is how it’s described on the website.

‘This hands-on course helps you to get started with your own fiction writing, focusing on the central skill of creating characters.’

The course is for anyone who wants to develop or improve their skill and creativity, complete beginners included.

In the introduction to the course you’ll read, ‘Fiction is all about characters. Make the best of everything you already have and know – your unique ‘material’ and ‘equipment’ for creating characters.’

The course started officially on Monday 28th April.

It is not too late to join in.



Frog: (smiling):

I’ve thought of a character.

Now for the action.




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