The night before Christmas……

I’m writing this on Christmas Eve.

I’ve spent part of the day with 33 young children and their parents and carers, acting out the age-old stories of Christmas, singing well-loved songs and carols, closing our eyes and communicating with God. You don’t have to believe all the stories word for word. But the message behind those stories is for all of us. It’s for little Imogen who loved it when we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. It’s for Jasmine and Joe whose sister went to hospital this morning. It’s for Ernie, who made an incredibly neat and careful nativity scene in the creative session at the end, as well as for the very small boy who filled the stable with a hotchpotch of stick-on figures. The truth behind Christmas is for all of us, especially for those who can’t really believe it’s for them.


Frog: (Merrily)

Christmas in the pond was never like this.