Katya: I’ve never ever heard anything so mad. You, write a blog? Don’t make me laugh.

Danica: Don’t mock, Kat. Now I’ve published my book, I have to get my name out there.

Katya: Out where?

Danica: In the world, of course.

Katya: OK, so what’s this here blog going to be about?

Danica: Not sure yet. I’ve looked for ideas online. I found a good site that gives suggestions.

Katya: Really? You mean there’s that kind of stuff out there? How much is it?

Danica: It’s free. Yes really. Take a look.

She taps her phone. Gets up 


Katya: That’s something that is. Anything grab you?

Danica: Reads text. ‘What would you say to a younger version of yourself?’ I like that.

Katya:  A younger version of myself? Actually I’d say, ‘Yes please.’ She sighs.

Danica: Stoppit! How about, ‘What helpful books have you read recently?’

Katya: I like that, Dan. You read one about writing romantic fiction, didn’t you? When you were editing your novel.

Danica: Yes, and I wished I’d read it before I started.

Katya: There you are then.

Danica: There’s another page I liked, er, hang on… look, here it is. She taps her phone. Gets up


Actually, half of me can’t wait to get started and the other half’s scared stiff.

Katya: Seems to me, it’s all very well, Dan, being enthusiastic. But, won’t it be time wasted? Castles in the air, and all that? What if no-one reads it?

Danica: You’ll read it, won’t you?

Katya: If I ‘ave to!

Danica: Cheeky beggar!

Katya: I don’t want to be depressing, but you haven’t sold many books yet, have you? Shouldn’t you wait until…

Danica: What? Until I’m famous? It’ll be too late then, Kat. Besides, I like writing, don’t I? And even if you and my mum are the only ones to read my stuff, well, it’s all good practice, isn’t it?

Katya: What are you going to blog about then? I’m not reading it if it’s boring.

Danica: It’s so refreshing to have such a supportive friend! Actually, it’s always your honesty that I appreciate. I’ll need a theme of some kind.

Katya: You mean like, sand art, or keeping gerbils.

Danica: I’m not exactly an expert in those fields, Kat. In fact, thinking about it, I’m not an expert at anything.

Katya: Oh, sorry, Dan. I didn’t mean to put a damper on it. Look, you can write a blog without being an expert. You take brilliant photos. You can use some of those to make your blog more, I don’t know, more inviting.

Danica: Not convinced. Yeah. I’ve thought about doing one on my favourite books. What do you think?

Katya: Sounds good to me. But before you go ahead, I’ll make us a coffee, you get those websites on-screen again, and we’ll do a bit of blue-sky thinking! You never know, you might even convince me to start a blog of my own.

Frog: (Excitedly) 

Frog Blog. What a title, eh? The little froglets will be hopping over each other in their excitement to read it. It’ll spark a lot of conversation, I know it will. (He glares) What do you mean, ‘Rhubarb, rhubarb!’





Blogging gives you your own platform where you can create a professional image. As a writer, you can talk about things that are relevant to your readers, and they can get to know you a bit better.

Blogging is also a good way of interacting with other writers, of giving support to them, and of feeling supported by them.

It’s important to think about your potential readers. Who are they? What kind of things are they going to be interested in reading about?


Many successful blogs have a unique angle, whether it’s baking French patisserie, playing better golf, or talking about an aspect of writing.

OK. Your job for the next week is to investigate what other writers are blogging about, and find out what makes their blogs interesting and attractive. Here are a few suggestions to start you off.

Helen Yendall, who writes for Writing Magazine, blogs at https://blogaboutwriting.wordpress.com/ and Tracy Fells, Canada/Europe winner of the 2017 Canada/Europe Commonwealth Writers short story prize, blogs at http://tracyfells.blogspot.co.uk/ These two writers use their blogs to share their knowledge about writing, to offer hints and tips, and to keep their readers up to date with their achievements.

A blog I often look at belongs to Fran Hill. You can find it at http://ilurveenglish.blogspot.co.uk/ Fran has a delightful sense of humour, and can cheer up the dullest day!

All three of the bloggers I’ve mentioned write in a lively and entertaining way, and each has her own individual voice.


You’ll notice that Helen uses WordPress for her blog, and Tracy and Fran use Blogger. I have some good news for you now.

It will cost you nothing to create a blog with WordPress or Blogger.

What is there to lose? So… if you like the idea of blogging and want to know more, I recommend the following website, run by Jane Friedman.


Here Jane tells you everything you need to know about blogging, and much, much more. She’s a writer’s perfect friend.

Frog: (This is an happy as he gets!) 

Do not forget that I, too, may be described as a writer’s perfect friend. It is an honour to serve.